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How can one be spiritual in nowadays time? Given the excessive extent of distraction nowadays, I think it is more crucial than ever to cultivate spirituality.


Sometimes people ask me how to combine their normal with their spiritual life. It is an important question. I guess it is part of the duality we are experiencing on Earth. In this specific reincarnation, we are souls and humans. We are having the precious opportunity to experience the infinite (the soul) in the 3D-world thanks to our human form. Our bodies, our flesh and blood are finite, they belong to the material world which the soul is going to leave after the last breath has been exhaled at the moment of death.

This friction between material and subtle realms, the duality of life, is part of the human experience. Our souls chose to be reincarnated right now, so there must be a reason for it. For each soul, the reasons may differ, because there are different tasks to be learnt. That is why comparing ourselves to others doesn't make sense at all.


Considering nowadays assessment culture it is probable though that we - on a collective level - have to develop around topics like self-love instead of pleasing, setting borders instead of losing ourselves, saying no instead of embracing the unfiltered media perception. It could be that our generation is assigned to the task of finding peace in midst of the noise of our overwhelming media reality.

For sure, it is definitely not easy to be spiritual in nowadays age. The omnipresent and omnipotent flood of media stimulation makes it much harder for our mind to become still. It even seems almost impossible at some times. The number of likes on posts do have an impact on us, if we admit it or not. If someone doesn't feel any self-love or suffers from a low self-esteem, these small thumbs up can have a serious effect on their mental well being, because they depend on the affirmations and confirmations from the outside world.


So how can you lead a spiritual life in a highly technocratic era like the one right now? Acknowledge the friction of the polarities and embrace this duality rather than fighting it. Accept the fast-paced overwhelming frame that collides with the spiritual quest to find peace within. We have to find new ways, new routines to tame our monkey minds, to be able to connect to our souls.

The most important step towards celebrating spirituality from my point of view is acknowledging the need to train and tame our minds. As we consider showering our bodies in order to be clean, we also have to take care of our mind. Otherwise it will start to "stink", it will start to spiral out and work against us rather than being a reliable companion on our journey called life.

The second step to stay connected is to establish a steady spiritual practice. Whether it is Yoga, praying the Rosary, chanting Mantras, whatever works for you to connect with yourSELF. With the SELF I am referring to that infinite energy residing in your heart center that is part of the Divine: The Soul.


"When we rely on ourselves, rather than trust our Infinite Self, we begin to depend on our ego and look toward emotional satisfaction. From here we do three common things: rating, dating and bating. (...) We get caught into self-judgment and the judgment of others when things don't go our way (...) In this judgment we limit our Self and close the heart to letting in the totality of reality which is the song of the soul whose melody is change, polarity and love."



Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts whenever you feel like. Also check out my posts WAYS TO BE MORE RESILIENT!, HOW DEEP ARE YOU IN THE MATRIX and THE TRUTH ABOUT THE TRUTH.

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Kavalya Dhyan is my spiritual name. It was given to me according to the numerology of my birth date. I chose to get it because it helps me to connect to the infinite part of me -

my soul. 



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