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What Other Souls Say About Me


Actress // Presenter

"Martina a.k.a. Kavalya Dhyan embodies a lot of talents in one woman: She is a gifted photographer and video creator who can show the essence of

a person in an extremely authentic way! And besides I really do appreciate her as a Yoga teacher: Thanks to her I got introduced to Kundalini Yoga and I am captivated by her loving and careful way of teaching!"

Abstrakter linearer Hintergrund

Soul Coach // Kosmos Kreator

“Martina is magic! I have known and worked with her for over 12 years and every time she fascinates me anew: What incredible talents, creativity and versatility she unites in her being. Whether as a journalist, photographer, Kundalini coach, Martina feels, sees and celebrates people as they are. She acts from the heart, radiates calmness and a profound wisdom. And she follows her intuition unconditionally.

No wonder real beauty and power emerges from her works.”

ELIF 0439_final_c_s.jpg
EVA_sun 42_s.jpg

TV Host // Entrepreneur

"I have been working with Martina for almost 20 years and I am thrilled about her incredible intuition and talent to capture the right moment. She works very intuitively and responds to people with great sensitivity. This empathy is reflected in her photos because she truly makes you feel very comfortable in front of her lens. There is an honesty about her pictures that I love!"

angi platinen_7E9A9193_asp Kopie.jpg



"If you are ready to embark on a journey, then Kavalya Dyan is the person who unites all pillars of existence and can accompany you on your way. No matter where life takes you or what you need:

she will be there."


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