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When we experience fear we not only vibrate in a lower frequency we also give others the power to control us. Although fear can be a life saver, it is vital not to get stuck in its energy when the danger is not imminent anymore.

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The law of attraction is a secondary law, its primary law is the law of vibration: We all vibrate and everything is always in motion and interacts with each other. The floor you are walking on has a vibration. It might be lower than the vibration of your thoughts, but everything has a frequency. By vibrating we create our surroundings and therefore the energy of the world we are living in.

By radiating high-frequency energy, we can contribute to create a better world and attract abundance and joy into our lives. Unfortunately the same law of attraction applies for low-vibrating energies such as fear, anger, jealousy, hate etc.


In the face of the media age, it is more challenging than ever to project love and peace energy instead of tapping into the frequencies of the atrocities dominating the news. The media business is based on negativity and our media consumption has multiplied ever since we embraced smartphones into our lives. When we doom-scroll or decide to get lost in reports of the horrors, our energy - including the Aura - gets weakened. The low-vibrations get amplified and we give the negativity in the news the power to take control of us. Not only we waste our precious time, we also empower the low-energy to impact us.

There is always a choice: Do we want to get fed up by the narratives served by big media designed to keep us in fear or do we want to nurture ourselves to create a high vibration?

It might sound like a mantra from the Hippie era, a recipe far too simple for healing the world, but love really is the answer to everything. Those who consider the mind and intellect as the highest faculty of decision making, have a hard time to accept that, because they were conditioned to think, not to feel. I am convinced though that the heart frequency is the currency of the future.


"You know, the heart is the only institution that I trust as agent for social change. It's not the big organizations, not the government, not the family. It comes down to one human heart seeing another, to another, to another, to another, to another. That's social change."

Ram Dass



It is important to mention that we shouldn't judge ourselves when we get afraid. It is not about avoiding triggers, it is more about becoming aware of them, confronting ourselves rather than escaping or distracting ourselves. Sometimes just bearing the emotions in the here and now can make a change and heal.

We all have our strategies from childhood that used to help us to survive. Even though we might not need these strategies anymore, it is easier for us to use them and therefore staying in pain than consciously trying to change our patterns, because this behaviour is part of our subconscious programming. And the subconscious mind is a habit mind, it takes a while to change patterns, but a regular Kundalini Yoga really can help to become aware and later on transform these strategies into nourishing habits. So, remember each time when we get triggered, we get the opportunity to grow and heal and therefore to transform our low-vibrations into higher frequencies. The beauty of Wahe Guru!

In case you are suffering from fear and anxieties Pranayama, the Quick Anxiety Fix kriya or chanting mantras and shabd can bring relief.

Would you like to work on your anxiety issues? Please don't be shy to reach out for an individual coaching.

The instructions and advice given on the blog and/or during classes are not a substitute for professional medical or psychological treatment of ailments. The information and exercises have been carefully considered and reviewed, however its application is at your own discretion and responsibility. As with all unsupervised practice your use of the instructions on this website is taken on your own risk. Results regarding benefits do vary according to physical differences, correctness and frequency of the practice. If you have an injury or illness and are in doubt as to whether yoga is suitable for you, please consult your doctor/health practitioner.


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