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In transformative times like the one right now, it is key to have tools that help to strengthen ourselves. Here is a list of recommendations of how we can be more resilient and more aware of the way we impact the world.


Right now a lot of people are shaken and stirred from an energetic point of view which is understandable regarding the huge shift humanity is going through. There are so many strong forces at play - on a personal and universal level - containing such a strong density, it truly can be scary. On the other hand if we concentrate on the positive aspect: It certainly is an exciting time to be alive right now, witnessing and creating one of the biggest transformation processes of humankind. Our souls chose to be reincarnated right now, so there must be a reason for it.

While talking to people these days I often sense a kind of resignation energy towards governments and the shadow powers that influence us to a certain extent - whether we like it or not. This vibration is connected to a feeling of powerlessness and comes along with a wide spread frustration regarding the state of the world. If this is where you are right now, I have good news for you: WE - ON A PERSONAL AND COLLECTIVE LEVEL - HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE IT! And right now is a great moment in history to do so. Not only because there is no planet retrograde till the end of April 2024, also because we are more powerful than we think.


“Change yourself and you change a part of the world.” 



I put together a list of recommendations of how we can be more resilient, more aware and more responsible during this crazy media steered era, we are facing right now. The list is not complete and work in progress. Please feel free to share your inputs.


Awareness is the key to everything. Double-check your priorities in life: How are you dealing with the immense mental overload right now? How much time do you spend on self-care compared to your screen time? How does reading or watching the news impact you? Which companies are you supporting when buying food, clothes, etc? What are you inviting in your life, what are you manifesting? What are you ready to let go?


One of the main characteristics of the Aquarian Age is that we are starting to take more responsibilities ourselves rather than depending on the choices that others make for us.


"The minute we start taking responsibility and spending our money wisely, every politician, every corporation, every leader around the world is gonna know that we have woken up and that is the most important point in this film. (...) Our consumer choices are the easiest way for us to get involved in a meaningful and powerful way."

Woody Harrelson


The video featuring Woody Harrelson is seven years old, but still couldn't be more actual. Two minutes of accurate observations about how we can change the world by our choices as consumers:


Indulge yourself in nature or do something the analogue way: Some people’s Yoga is someone else’s gardening. Others read books, play an instrument or go to the gym. Do whatever you feel is nurturing yourSELF - your soul. The most important is that you DO it! Take your time, don't postpone it. The "I-don't-have-time-excuse" is not accepted anymore. Everybody can find time for self-care. If you think you can't, just check how much screen time you allow yourself, compared to how much time you choose to recharge yourself. Replace doom scrolling with something that makes you happy and remember: Right now, self-care is not a luxury, it is a necessity.


We are spiritual beings in human bodies. We are beings who live between heaven and earth. Unfortunately the majority of shoes nowadays are made out of rubber sole. It is the rubber that doesn't allow us to ground properly when wearing shoes. So, choose to walk barefoot whenever the weather allows you to. Another great way to ground yourself is hugging trees. By doing so, you tap into the ancient wisdom of mother earth. If you want to ground yourself by chanting, there are some specific mantras for doing so, please don't hesitate to send me a direct message, I am happy to assist.

I can also recommend a simple grounding exercise, when sitting in easy pose: Put your hands under your buttocks, palms facing down. Stretch your spine, relax your shoulders and stay for a while, feeling the weight of your body on your hands, be aware of the earthy and heavenly parts within you. You can visualise two energy flows entering your body: Imagine how heavenly energy from the crown and grounding energy by the passage of the root chakra are flowing through you meeting at the heart centre. This exercise works great with kids as well.


One of the best, cheapest and easiest way to be present or coming back to the present moment is by breathing consciously.


“If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.” 



By knowing that you can embrace the flow of your breath as your best friend. It invites you to use it for your benefits. For more inspirations about how to improve your breath work: Check out my posts about BREATH OF FIRE, BREATH IS LIFE or EGO ERADICATOR.


Massages don't have to cost money. You can ALWAYS massage yourself. Give yourself a foot massage or treat your head, specially the neck and jaw with the healing powers of your palms. Be gentle and dive into that healing space you are creating for yourself. 10 minutes already can bring so much relaxation. If you wish, listen to your favourite mantra or meditation/gong track, add a couple of drops of your favourite fragrance to the massage oil or use a rounded crystal to intensify the self-healing properties of this very efficient relaxation experience.


Carefully choose what you are feeding yourself with - mentally and physically. Check your eating habits and adjust. The more sattvic your food is, the more nurtured you will feel. The sattvic diet is high in nutrient-rich plant food and low in processed and fried products. Make sure you drink enough water. I am not talking about tea or other liquids, I am talking about mineral water. A minimum of two litres a day is recommended.

On the mental plane be aware of the consumption of your (social) media content. Check the media feed you confront yourself with: Is it uplifting or heavy and depressing? Is it distracting or even intensifying your fears? Adjust accordingly to whatever answers you're getting. And for just one moment: Imagine a world in which everybody is fed up with the fear mongering of nowadays Mainstream and Social Media business? What if we just wouldn't show up for the daily brain shower? Try it out as an experiment!


A mass and social media detox can make a big difference. Once we are not exposed to the flood of daily information anymore we might discover a different truth and this truth will be revealing itself from within. Start with 1-3 days of being offline, expand to a week if you like it, be brave to switch off for a month. You’ll see how your perception of reality will look differently. Observe how you perceive the world when you are offline.


If you want to go next level, you can intensify the offline-experience and try to be in silence for a weekend. Determine one weekend, make sure you don’t have any appointments. Buy some healthy food and just be. Or sign up for a silent retreat. While being in silence: Contemplate your mind and see how the experience is changing your perception of life - without judging it.


You can work with affirmations or mantras to raise the frequencies of your thoughts and surroundings. Easy to remember are the Mantras Sat Nam (True Identity) and Wahe Guru (Celebrating the Ecstasy of transformation). Basically you can choose whatever you are resonating with. Just make sure that the affirmation you choose is formulated in a positive way.

There are different ways of manifestations: You can manifest by thinking, speaking or you can write down your affirmations. While speaking out loud, you add sound to your affirmations, while writing them down transforms them in a physical form as well. Choose whatever feels right to you.


You can start to establish a meditation routine. 11 minutes a day of Kundalini Yoga can make you feel so much better, but already 3 minutes a day is a great start. Whatever kind of meditation you are used to, apply the tools that have proved as helpful for you in the past. If it helps you, to do it on a regular base, download a meditation app. I find HEADSPACE quite good for starting a daily meditation routine. If you are looking for help finding a meditation or kriya tailored to your needs, get in touch. I would love to figure out with your help what can support you on your journey right now.


Concentrate on what you have and not on what is missing in your life. Be grateful for the gifts you have received. Remind yourself of all your positive traits, of all the wonderful people in your life, all the moments that have made you happy. Embrace each experience in life as a potential to grow. Also the painful ones. Be grateful for your soul, your body, your family, the planet that provides us with its precious resources... Thank the universe for peace, love, health and so on. Try to cultivate gratitude on a daily base. Invite yourself to be whatever you want to be. Project positive vibrations and love to the world. We need it now more than ever.


We all vibrate and also our thoughts have a frequency. By projecting these frequencies we create our surroundings and therefore the energy of the world we are living in. By radiating high-frequency energy, we can contribute to create a better world and attract abundance, joy and peace into our lives. We can re-create the world we want by remembering who we really are and connect to our infinite state of being, which is energy. Our souls are connecting to the infinite wisdom, the Divine. There is nothing more powerful than this knowledge, the experience that we are God. In each of us, there is plenty of divine energy. If we choose to connect with it, we can unleash enormous powers that definitely will make a change.

What am I missing in the list above? Let me know in the comments or a private message, I would love to update the article with your inspirations.


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