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Last year I followed my heart and moved to the city that I fell in love with 15 years ago. Thanks to my family I have found some inner peace and a new home in the middle of demonstrations, constructions and conflicts. Here is my love letter to Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Since we met back in 2007

I am madly in love with you

you got me at first sight

Your vibrant energy,

your never ending sunshine

the endlessness of the horizon

your unique way of life

You are a paradise in a bubble

I can't get enough

A Bauhaus beauty in an ancient robe,

where old and new collide

The contrasts are defining you

they are your destiny

The beach on top of it all

where the sweat of people

from all the religions

melts into the same water

The smell of sin is in the air

clashing with the commands of the holy land

The lightness of your charm

meets the heaviness of your heritage

When your freedom is in danger

The streets get reclaimed

by the people who defend your rights

An ocean of flags in blue and white

sheds light into the darkness

No matter what is threatening your existence,

the waves of the sea will always comfort me

You force me to trust

you elevate my spirit

you fuel my growth

you bring me closer to myself

Despite the barking dogs at night

the hammering of the constructions

you are the choice of my heart

I thank you for giving me a home

Your white houses in the streets

they have witnessed it all

it was the grace of your soil

that sowed the seed

that lets us blossom today

Tel Aviv-Yafo,

I love you forever


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About Me


Kavalya Dhyan is my spiritual name. It was given to me according to the numerology of my birth date. I chose to get it because it helps me to connect to the infinite part of me -

my soul. 



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