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We tend to criticise our bodies out of a variety of reasons instead of worshipping them for giving us the experience of life on Earth. So I felt the need to thank my body for everything it has done for me.

Photo by Alain Simon

My dear body,

thanks for letting me live and grow within you:

You blessed me with the biggest gift on Earth:

You gave me a life.

Thanks to your finity I can comprehend my infinity

Thanks to your talents I am a masterpiece

created from two mere cells

You were kind enough to grow me some limbs,

you gave me a heart, a brain, even a pair of eyes

You were generous with all the rest:

You haven’t forgotten anything

you didn’t need any help from no one

no reminder, no clock

You just did it

You are the highest form of intelligence

Mother nature at its best

You don’t need an algorithm for being outstanding

You are immaculate

Without trying to be perfect

You are old school indeed

You are a real home for my soul

Thanks for each breath you take, thanks for every beat of my heart

Thanks for all the other billion jobs you manage to do for me

every moment, every day, year by year

Thanks for being resilient when I am feeling weak

Thanks for not resenting me when I am overruling you with my mind

Thanks for being forgiving when I shame you without reasons

Thanks for teaching me all the lessons I have to learn

Thanks for healing fast when I am hurt

Thanks for never letting me down

Thanks for letting me fly while melting with another body

Thanks for letting me grow the most incredible creature in my womb

Thanks for nurturing it with your precious milk

Thanks for being so unique

Thanks to you I know that a whole universe is within me

My dear body, I truly appreciate and love you

I thank you from the bottom of my heart

It is the only place within you

That can take it all


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Kavalya Dhyan is my spiritual name. It was given to me according to the numerology of my birth date. I chose to get it because it helps me to connect to the infinite part of me -

my soul. 



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