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Have you ever written a letter to your protective mechanism? I did it and even got an answer. Have a look!

Dear protective mechanism,

I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me.

As I can see it from today's perspective: You protected me, when I didn't know how to help myself.

Because of you I was able to survive in times of crisis.

It was you that held my life together when everything else seemed to fall apart.

Whenever I didn't feel heard or seen, you kicked in and made me excel in something.

Because of that I was able to expand to an extent I never thought I would.

You truly helped me when I needed you, but more than that:

Because of you I became the person who I am today.

But having you as my loyal companion,

fed my inner child, my hidden self.

It made me become a control freak as well.

That worked fine for me for a while,

it even helped me doing my job:

I learned how to think ahead.

Even more: Because of you I became to be a master planner.

An asset I wouldn't want to miss.

In recent years I started to questions the habits of how I react to life.

And by doing so I realized that I don't need to do anything in order to be seen or heard.

I don't need to qualify any criteria in order to be loved.

The least I need to please anyone. The only one I need to listen to is mySELF.

What used to work for me as a child, is not needed for me as an adult woman anymore.

I choose not to live my life according to meet the expectations of others.

I choose my truth, I choose myself and

I am love worthy for being myself.

Nothing more, nothing less.

I really would like to thank you for everything you have done for me.

I truly appreciate you saving me over and over.

But now the time has come to say goodbye.

I am able to bear life without filters,

without strategies,

without you.

I wish you all the best.

With love

Kavalya Dhyan


This is what my protective mechanism answered me:

Dear Kavalya Dhyan,

thank you for your letter. I have to admit, your words came as a surprise to me.

Specially because all these years, I have been dedicated to protect you.

Whenever you were in need. I was there.

Helping you with the force of my all being.

I do understand that I am the hidden part of your SELF.

My presence in your life is bound to your pain.

I got your point: Without you, I am nothing.

I hope you know:

My aim has always been to protect you.

If saying goodbye will benefit your well-being,

I am glad to leave.

In this sense,

I am wishing you all the best.

Take care of yourSELF.


your ex-protective mechanism

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Jun 07

the letter is beautifully written and contain the truth of the world❤️

Unknown member
Jun 08
Replying to

Thank you so much! ❤️ Lots of love to you! 😍


May 29

I like your letters! ❤️

Unknown member
May 29
Replying to

Thank you! Really appreciate your feedback! 😍


About Me


Kavalya Dhyan is my spiritual name. It was given to me according to the numerology of my birth date. I chose to get it because it helps me to connect to the infinite part of me -

my soul. 



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