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Breath of Fire is one of the most important breathing techniques used in Kundalini Yoga. It accompanies many postures and has numerous beneficial effects and it even can prolong your life.


In the yogic tradition we believe that for each life there is a certain amount of breaths. The moment when the number of breaths is used, the soul leaves the body and returns home. We call it death as well. The yogis of the ancient times - while observing nature - figured out that the animals breathing less than others live longer. Per instance turtles, elephants, snakes.

So how can Breath of Fire prolong your life? Well, when you do Breath of Fire it is counted as one breath. It doesn't matter if you do it for a minute or ten minutes, it is still ONE BREATH. So imagine, doing Breath of Fire every day for three minutes, you'll save yourself a lot of breaths.

An average person breathes 14 times per minute. While committing to a daily practice of Breath of Fire for 3minutes, you'll save 39 breaths a day. If you do it for 40 days, you'll save yourself 1'560 inhalations and exhalations. If you do it for a full year: You breathe 14'235 times less. With only three minutes a day you can significantly improve and prolong your life.


Breath of Fire is rapid, rhythmic, and continuous. It is important to master this breath so that it is done accurately and becomes automatic. It is equal on the inhale and the exhale, with no pause between them. (Approximately 2-3 cycles per second.) It is practiced through the nostrils with mouth closed, unless stated otherwise.

To exhale, the air is expelled powerfully through the nose, by pressing the Navel Point and solar plexus back toward the spine. The chest stays relaxed and slightly lifted throughout the breathing cycle. When done correctly, there should be no rigidity of hands, feet, face, or abdomen. Begin practicing Breath of Fire for a duration of 1-3 minutes.


Breath of Fire is not hyperventilation. Do not perform Breath of Fire while pregnant or menstruating.


  • Releases toxins and deposits from the lungs

  • Expands the lung capacity and increases vital strength

  • Strengthens the nervous system to resist stress

  • Repairs the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems

  • Strengthens the navel chakra

  • Adjusts the subtle psycho-electromagnetic field of the aura so that the blood becomes energized

  • Reduces addictive impulses for drugs, smoking, and bad foods

  • Increases oxygen delivery to the brain, facilitating a focused, intelligent, and neutral state of mind

  • Boosts the immune system and may help prevent many diseases.

Before you start the practice, please tune in. By tuning in you connect yourself through the vibration of the mantra with the energy of all the Kundalini masters, also called the golden chain. By chanting you get in contact with the universe which is receptive on a certain frequency.

For beginners: It can help to put one hand on the belly. Like this, you easily make sure that you pull the navel in towards the spine when you exhale.


Sit in easy pose. Hands on your knees or in Ghyan Mudra. Eyes are closed and rolled up, concentrating at the Brow Point. Begin Breath of Fire for 1-3 minutes. Then inhale and hold for 10 seconds. Relax. Watch the natural flow of the breath and the constant stream of internal and external sensations. Observe without judging.


Some people find it easy to do Breath of Fire for a full 10 minutes right away. Others find that the breath creates an initial dizziness. If this happens, take a break. Some tingling, travelling sensations, and lightheadedness are completely normal as your body adjusts to the new breath and new stimulation of the nerves. Concentrating at the brow point may help relieve these sensations. Sometimes these symptoms are the result of toxins and other chemicals released by the breath technique. The symptoms may be relieved by drinking lots of water and changing to a lighter diet.

To end the practice please tune out.

If you have any questions about Breath of Fire, I am happy to assist.

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Sat Nam!

This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC. It was originally taught by Yogi Bhajan.

The instructions and advice given on the blog and/or during classes are not a substitute for professional medical or psychological treatment of ailments. The information and exercises have been carefully considered and reviewed, however its application is at your own discretion and responsibility. As with all unsupervised practice your use of the instructions on this website is taken on your own risk. Results regarding benefits do vary according to physical differences, correctness and frequency of the practice. If you have an injury or illness and are in doubt as to whether yoga is suitable for you, please consult your doctor/health practitioner.


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