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Ever interviewed yourSELF? I just did and it turned out quite interesting and amusing. :-) Have a look.

Me: Who are you? 

Kavalya Dhyan (KD): As much as I understand myself as human, I define mySELF as energy: I am a spiritual being in a human cloth. My soul came to Earth in order to experience time and space. According to my karma, I got the life I am living right now as Martina. In this sense the name Martina refers to my human reincarnation, while my spiritual name, Kavalya Dhyan, connects me with the infinite part of me, my soul. Apparently there is something to learn for me on the Earth plane right now in this specific era. But I know at the end of this life my physical body will die, while my soul will go on and live forever. So will yours by the way... I mean ours.

Me: For someone who doesn't know you it could sound a bit schizophrenic?

KD: (laughing)... Yeah, I guess it could. It is part of the dialectic understanding of the duality of life: A consequence of the ongoing cosmic play of Shakti and Shiva. The life in my current body could be understood as a microcosm of the same cosmic structure the universe itself is driven. Basically, when you think about it: Our human body is a universe for itself and because the soul is the Divine part that lives within. In all of us there is God. We just forget that, when we are born.

Me: Why is that?

KD: I guess, because otherwise we wouldn't want to reincarnate at all. Imagine: as a soul you are ONE with the universal consciousness, you see it all, you know it all. There is no duality like we experience it on the Earth plane. There is no dimensions, thus no space and of course no understanding of time. Pure energy. The soul is as limitless as infinite.

Me: Sounds like divine. So why does the soul choose to reincarnate at all?

KD: As I understand it: There must be a karmic pressure to reincarnate again. The soul feels that it has to learn something. All the experiences of our past lives are stored in the Akashic Records. It is kind of the cosmic library in the Ethers, where all the records of all beings in the universe are kept. While reincarnated on Earth our electro-magnetic field holds the information of our past reincarnations. Thus the Aura is a projection of our past lives according to our karmic balance. That's the reason, why and how we attract the people and events in our lives, that offer us the opportunities to learn what the soul chose to explore in this specific life. At the moment of death, there is a cosmic imprint of the updated aura that is transferred to the Subtle body, which leaves the physical body together with the soul. The Subtle body serves like a divine hard disc that contains the updated life experience which later will be synchronised with the Akashic Records in the Ethers.

Me: That sounds pretty spaced out.

KD: Haha…. Probably it does. Back in my Twenties I didn't believe no one who’d tell me stuff like that.

Me: What has changed in the meantime?

KD: The bullterrier transformed into a goat as you can see in the two pictures below. Basically, life happened. Loved ones died around me or went through life-threatening experiences. I was forced to deal with death more often than I wanted. It widened my horizon, but most important - due to my Yoga practice - I started to remember my own Divine heritage: I was able to connect to my soul again and stopped letting my mind overrule my heart. I used to be a control freak. I suffered from the illusion I could control life. But how can one control something that its most compelling constant is change? When I was younger I understood my mind as the Supreme faculty of Decision Making, because this is what the education in the Western world tries to enshrine into people’s minds.

But then I got aware that the mind thinks for me, I realized that if I want to control something, it should be the mind in order to prevent IT to control ME. It is a big difference if you are a victim of your own mind that is flooding you with thoughts or if you start to be in charge or aware of the mind instead. 

Me: And are you able to control your mind?

KD: Someone who controls the mind, is also known as a Swami. I am not a Swami. I noticed, I manage to be more often in the neutral space of my mind than I used to be in the past. In Kundalini Yoga we call it the Neutral or Meditative Mind. When I don’t believe the stories my mind creates, I don’t identify. Therefore I don’t judge, thus I don’t need to fix anything. I remain in the space where one experience is adding up to the next. Once I get triggered or catch myself being judgmental I will feel the need to fix something and the identification starts and I leave the space of my neutral mind.

Me: So you’re aim in life is not to get triggered anymore?

KD: That is probably not going to happen in this life. (giggles) I see it like this: These moments in life when we get triggered and identify ourselves, these are the moments that hold the biggest potential to grow. Each trigger is a mirror of a need that hasn’t been met in this or a past life. These are the instants that life presents us as opportunities to learn and to expand our consciousness. I guess, the aim in life is not to prevent the triggers, it is more about reaching the awareness of spotting the triggers rather than emotionally getting involved with them. When I manage to do that, I get more conscious about my patterns, my strategies, about mySELF. And I think life is about that, getting aware of ourselves: To establish and deepen the connection to our SELF - to the soul.

Me: So what is a good way to learn how to be in that neutral state of mind?

KD: There are specific meditations and kriyas that promote the meditative mind. But in general it already would really help to acknowledge and understand the tricky nature of the (monkey) mind. That starts with the revelation that we are NOT what we think. I even promote the idea that it would be very beneficial to teach fix meditation lessons in schools. As much as we teach our kids to shower their bodies, we should educate them how to deal with their minds. Once the mind is out of control it can turn into our worst enemy. Specially nowadays when we are permanently exposed to some media stimulation, the mind is overwhelmed and can get corrupted very easily.

Me: Why do you always feel the need to emphasize the influence of the media?

KD: Because we are living in a media age and the mainstream media play a tremendous role of how we perceive reality. The omnipresent media exposure that exponentially got increased by using smartphones basically causes us to be distracted even more than we used to be before the invention of the Internet. I studied media science and used to work as a media executive. I definitely belong to what is known as the TV generation. Also TV used to change our perception of reality but there was one significant difference: In order to be exposed to videos back then you needed to be near a TV. Nowadays, videos can be consumed anywhere at any time. There is no limitation: The timelines of our Social Media feeds are endless as well. In my generation the kids who got mobbed - at least - they got a break once they reached home. This Safe Spaces do not exist anymore and the permanent stimulation of the brain due to smartphone consumption leads to a hyperactivity of our minds. So I feel I not only I have the responsibility to raise awareness to this topic, I also feel the need to present some inspiration of how we could deal with our hyperactive minds.

Me: Could it be that you identify with your past role as a media executive?

KD: (laughs out loud). Yes, I do. In the recent years I caught myself a lot doing exactly that, because the extent of corruption in the mainstream media has become so obvious to me. If I have expertise about something besides my Yoga practice, it is in the media field. I feel compelled to speak out about it. Or the other way round: I would not forgive myself if I didn’t even try to raise awareness of the manipulation of the public opinion. I stopped believing in coincidences. As much as there were some reasons for me to work as a TV journalist, it is no coincidence that I became a Yoga teacher later on in life. Me, identifying with my past job, presents me with a lot of precious insights, lessons and opportunities to grow.

Me: Sounds like me.

KD: That makes sense. :-P  



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