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PUSHKAR - Under the eye of Brahma in the Rajasthani desert in India my life took a surprising turn - thanks to Yoga and the man of my life.

Well, if someone was telling me my own story, I probably would not believe it, but because it did happen to me, there is - from my point of view - no doubt that a daily yoga practice can impact one’s life in a miraculous way.

The first time it happened in Pushkar, India back in the year 2007. Pushkar is a small pilgrim village in the Rajasthani desert and due to its mythological story supposed to be THE place connected to the Hindu god Brahma – the god of creation.

When I arrived by bus in Pushkar in January 2007 I was heart broken, I just had escaped from a toxic relationship in Shanghai. Not only was I suffering from a break up, my back hurt as well, I hardly couldn’t carry my backpack and I found myself in a bad state of mind. The only hope I had was to get inspired by mother India like it had happened to me six years before in an ashram in Kerala, South India.

Swami Sham in Pushkar, India 2007

And so it happened that on my second day in Pushkar I met a Swami who was living right to the ghats of the holy lake. He encouraged me to join his class. The next morning I did start my Yoga practice - accompanied by Olga, a Spanish woman who I had met the day before. She was the one who discovered the sign for the Yoga classes. From that morning on Olga and me went to practice Yoga with the Swami on a daily base – I even went there in the evening for another two hours. After an intense week of exercising Asanas (body postures) and Pranayama (breath work) my back ache had disappeared in a miraculous way and not even that to my surprise I managed to perform full pigeon pose.

Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana) - Pushkar, India 2007

While I was performing this quite advanced asana I felt a very liberating sensation in my heart region that had quite a transformative impact on my life: Within two and half weeks not only my back ache and depression had disappeared, I was a different person. I felt I could conquer the world. Thanks to four hours of Yoga a day I felt happy. My mind from being a highway traffic junction had calmed down and the darkness that had accompanied me to Pushkar had transformed into light. Wahe Guru!

But that's only half of the miracle. On the morning of January, 27 2007 on the rooftop of a restaurant called “The third eye” I met the love of my life. This encounter came as surprise because after the dramatic break-up with my ex boyfriend in China I was sure I would never find my one.

The Love Of My Life

When I returned home to Zurich after six magical weeks in India, my life had changed for good. I had found the faith in miracles and love again, I also managed to continue my daily Hatha Yoga Sadhana – the way the Swami taught me - for further ten years.


"Wherever you are is the entry point. The time to begin is now. The place to begin is here.” Kabir


Since that trip in India 2007 I defend my daily Yoga Sadhana like a mother does protect her newborn. Over the decades I have learnt how important it is to strengthen myself by turning within and how much I need it in order to feel more balanced in this unstable world. In this sense I would love to encourage everybody to keep or establish a daily Yoga practice, even if it is just for a couple of minutes. 11 minutes of meditation a day already can make a big change.

In this sense I am sending universes of love energy and the spirit of transformation out to each and every one of you.

Do you have a transformation story encouraged by Yoga?

I am looking forward to reading your stories in the comments or by email.

Would you like me to help you establish a daily Yoga practice tailored to your needs and time frame?

If you are interested, send me a message.

Sat Nam Wahe Guru.


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