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We are living in a time of drastic change. The energetic templates of the past do not work anymore. The old world is gone and the new one has not been manifested yet. This state of being in-between can feel scary. A good way to ground ourselves is by chanting mantras.


Every aspect of the universe emits a sound or vibration, including silence. The universe is continuously vibrating in the form of light, sound, and energy. Our human senses can only detect a small portion of this vast range of vibrations, making it challenging to grasp that we exist within an immense sea of energy. Emotions like happiness, sorrow, joy, and regret are all frequencies of vibration within our minds.

Whether we label them as attitudes or beliefs, at their core, they are vibrational frequencies or thought patterns. These vibrations determine the content our minds produce, much like a movie playing in our thoughts. The thoughts we choose shape our vibration, influencing our emotions and the energy we emit to those around us.

Chanting is an effective way to uplift our spirits. The essence of a mantra lies in its sound waves. Mantras utilized in Kundalini Yoga can enhance or alter awareness by their vibrational frequency, significance, and rhythmic recitation. By resonating with specific sound patterns, you can connect with different levels of consciousness. The more elevated the frequency, the more subtle and ethereal the vibration becomes. Chanting mantras, whether internally or vocally, serves as a deliberate approach to managing and guiding the mind.

The Swami I used to learn from in Pushkar, India used to call a mantra a tool to tame the mind. Sometimes he would use the term "lasso" for the thoughts. Whenever your mind starts to wander, a mantra is a great instrument to bring the attention back to the present moment. If you want to ground yourself with the help of mantras, I recommend to chant one of the following mantras everyday. They all promote a grounding effect among other benefits. If you can, chant the mantra of your choice for 11 minutes. But also less time will have an impact. Play with it, but try to keep a daily practice for a while. Ideally continue for 40 days in a row. Observe how you feel before chanting and after - contemplate yourself free of judgement.

With all of the mantras below I connect some memories. All of these sacred chants have helped me a lot when I was facing challenges that is why I would like to share them with you.

If you use mantras on a daily base for a longer time, I find it only fair to buy them. I use Mantra download for purchasing these sacred chants.


Complete Mantra

Ek ong kaar,

sat naam,

karataa purakh,



Akaal moorat,



gur prasaad.


Aad such,

jugaad such,

Hay bhee such,

Naanak hosee bhee such.


There is One Creator.

Truth is His name.

Creator and Sustainer of everything.

He is fearless

He is without hate

He is immortal without form

Beyond Birth and Death

Self-created and self-illuminated

Known by the Grace of the Guru


True since the beginning of time

True through all the ages.

True even now.

Oh Nanak it will be forever true.

About this Mantra

The Mul Mantra (or Mool Mantra) holds significant importance in Sikhism, it is the opening section of the holy scripture, known as the Siri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS) or the Eleventh Guru. The Mul Mantra serves as the foundational statement of belief, it was written by the first Guru, Guru Nanak, and gives a short description of what God is like. The teachings of the SGGS enable us to align our mind and body with the Infinite. It is written in the Punjabi language, called Gurmukhi.


“The Mul Mantra is a fate killer.

It removes the fate and changes the destiny to complete prosperity.”

Yogi Bhajan


I have been chanting the Mul Mantra eleven times each day since the beginning of the year. It became part of my daily practice. Every day when I am chanting it feels a bit like coming home. I can't explain it otherwise.

There is plenty of versions of the Mul Mantra, here are some of my favorite ones:



Complete Mantra

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo


Ong Namo – I bow to the Divine wisdom

Guru Dev Namo – I bow to the Divine teacher within.

About this Mantra

The Adi Mantra calls upon the Creator and the Divine teacher in us. It is connecting our finite being with the infinite consciousness. It establishes a strong and clear connection so that you can receive the highest guidance and inspiration. Kundalini Yogis always start a class or a personal practice by tuning in, by chanting this mantra aloud. We chant it instead of singing, as the technology of chanting the Adi Mantra zeros the ego, allowing all ten bodies to merge in the Naad - the essence of all sound.

Personally for me this mantra represents one major part what Yoga is all about: The dance of the polarity between our finite and infinite existence. By chanting the Adi Mantra we worship the Divine around AND within us. By experiencing and accepting the polarity and its separation from the universal Oneness we are opening up for the Divine reception.

Here are some of my favorite versions of the Adi Mantra:



Complete Mantra

Aad Guray Nameh, 

Jugaad Guray Nameh, 

Sat Guray Nameh, 

Siri Guru Davay Nameh


I bow to the primal wisdom

I bow to the truth that has existed throughout the ages

I bow to True Wisdom

I bow to the Great Divine Wisdom

About this Mantra

This mantra dispels doubts and opens us up to guidance and protection by enveloping the magnetic field in a shield of light. It is a protective mantra that is recited to invoke the protective energy of the universe. It is recommended to chant this mantra three times consecutively right after tuning in to a class with the Adi Mantra.

Many use this mantra for added protection, especially before driving. If you recite it three times before you turn the key in the ignition it will give you an edge over time and space. It creates a buffer of time, which changes your future in location and space. We also chant this mantra to clear the clouds and open ourselves to receive universal guidance.


“When you cannot be protected, this mantra shall protect you. When things stop, and won’t move, this makes them move in your direction.”

Yogi Bhajan



Here are some of my favorite versions of the Mangala Charan Mantra:



Complete Mantra

Aap Sahaaee Hoaa,

Sachay Daa Sachaa Doaa,

Har, Har, Har


You, Divine One, have become my refuge.

True is Your support,

Great Creative Infinite.

About this Mantra

This mantra holds the power to completely eliminate enemies and prevent the effects of hostility permanently, while also enhancing mental self-discipline. Most effective it is if chanted for 62 minutes, ideally between three and four in the morning, as it can alleviate overwhelming financial stress. This mantra, derived from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, serves as a valuable tool to navigate the unfamiliar without fear, providing both protection and mental equilibrium.

Find a selection of my favorite versions of this mantra here:





Complete Mantra

Dhartee Hay

Akash Hay

Guru Ram Das Hay


The Earth is

The Ethers are

Guru Ram Das is

About this Mantra

This mantra connects the Earth and the vastness of the ether and projects it from the heart. It makes you present, calls on your highest spirit, keeps you humble and effective on your new ventures and attracts opportunities for prosperity.

It serves as an invitation to recognize the divine presence in the present moment, both in the physical and ethereal realms. By invoking the Earth and the heavens, their energies converge and manifest through your heart. This chant also taps into your highest self, aiding in staying grounded and effective in new pursuits, while attracting prosperity. Ultimately, it emphasizes the heart's role in governing all these aspects and channeling energy effectively.

Here are my favorite versions:

Did something resonate within you when listening to one of the Mantras above? Let me know in the comments or in a personal message. I am keen to know.

Sat Nam!


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Jun 06

Dharti hay by White Sun really resonates...🎼✨

Unknown member
Jun 08
Replying to

Same with me. I love this mantra and in particular this version! 😍❤️


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